Age of the Machines in Cyber—Machine Learning and AI, the Next Frontier

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the special sauce in the marketing materials of almost every security product. How much of the hype can we believe? It isn’t all snake oil, there is promise, right? Where has it been successfully applied? Where should this powerful technology head and who will shepherd it? Where are the humans?

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand relationships between AI and machine learning.
2: Identify the indications of fact and fiction in the current marketplace of AI.
3: Recognize target business processes in security as good targets for AI use.

Oliver Friedrichs


VP of Security Products at Splunk, Splunk

Dustin Hillard


CTO, Versive

Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad


VP of Technology and Business Resiliency Risk, Freddie Mac

Ira Winkler


Chief Security Architect, Walmart

Analytics Intelligence & Response

network security artificial intelligence & machine learning



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