A Multilayered Security Approach to Keeping Healthcare Data Secure

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As the largest privately held pharmacy benefit manager, MedImpact Healthcare is committed to protecting personal health information. While their data centers are regularly audited to ensure compliance, they are always looking for additional protection against advanced attacks. Hear MedImpact’s security team share use cases of how they enhanced security within the enterprise using a layered approach.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn to add advanced threat protection to existing strategy without downtime.
2: Learn how to stay compliant when operating business across two data and call centers.
3: Understand the importance of deploying all security products into a single console.

Larry Biggs


Forensic and Threat Analytics Security Engineer, MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Frank Bunton


VP and Chief Information Security Officer, MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Security Strategy & Architecture

data security endpoint security governance risk & compliance network security PII



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