(ISC)² CCSP Two-day Crash Course

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The (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional certification credential exemplifies an excellence of skills and demonstrates your knowledge of the latest security topics involving cloud computing, cloud platform and infrastructure security, architectural concepts and design requirements required by cloud security as well as cloud operations security. By holding the (ISC)2 CCSP credential, you signify to executive management as well as potential employers that you possess extensive knowledge of both cloud computing and cloud security.

This review seminar in cloud computing is ideal for all individuals involved at any corporate decision stage in cloud computing, contract planning and cloud services acquisition, and the rollout implementation process. Ideal for technical staff as well as executive decision makers, the course will provide a common terminology for continued communication and discussion among team members.

During this fast-paced, two-day session you will cover the six domains covered by the (ISC)2 the Certified Cloud Security Professional CBK. This fact filled course will assist in your review of the CBK topics and deepen your knowledge of cloud computing and cloud information security. You will receive and utilize the official (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional certification credential study handbook.

Each day of the presentation is divided into various domains of the CBK. These domains will cover essential topics such as current cloud technologies, cloud service models, cloud applications, infrastructure planning, legal considerations, international privacy, cloud security and, investigations and forensics among other topics. Each day the concentration will be on the (ISC)2 CCSP examination materials supplied by (ISC)2.

Besides understanding the information required on the certification examination, you will learn a broad array of techniques of studying for and taking certification examinations. You will be introduced to sophisticated study concepts, information retention methods, as well as exam taking techniques that have been proven effective by many university level and corporate technology certification candidates. These techniques will not only assist you in taking the CCSP examination but will also be useful when studying for and taking any future certification examinations.

During this fast-paced presentation, the instructor will utilize the authorized (ISC)2 slide deck as well as (ISC)2 published course materials to guide you through the most pertinent information to understand prior to taking the examination. The goal is to make your study efforts more productive and efficient by pointing out and discussing the specific items to focus upon when studying for the examination. The two-day session will conclude with a sample of the actual examination questions.

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