Facing Financial Fraud Head On: Cybersecurity Best Practices

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While no organisation is immune from increasingly creative cyberattacks, financial entities remain at the top of cybercriminals’ short list, directly and via supply chain vulnerabilities. And the increasing number of devices and platforms being used for digital transactions, from mobile to social to the IoT, means the landscape that needs to be protected will continue to grow. How can you shrink the losses and best protect your organisation, your customers and your brand? This seminar will explore fundamentals to protect your organisation and financial fraud trends and remedies, as well as learn how to engage with law enforcement and get best practice guidance from leading experts in the field.
Rose Bernard


Senior Strategic Intelligence Manager, Digital Shadows

Tal Darsan


Manager, Managed Cybersecurity Services, Cato Networks

Dr. Yaniv Harel


General Manager, Cyber Solutions Group, Dell EMC

Brandon Hoffman


VP, Intelligence Solutions, Intel 471

Etay Maor


Senior Director Security Strategy, Cato Networks

Nicholas Palmer


VP International Business, Group-IB

Vicky Ray


Principal Researcher, Palo Alto Networks

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