Blockchains: Ushering in a New Age?

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This seminar will cover the foundations of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and smart contracts, exploring how these technologies work and what benefits they bring to individuals and enterprises. Blockchain experts will share their experiences using blockchain technology to transform infrastructure and services. At the same time, the dark side of blockchain technology will be discussed, exploring how it enables hackers, criminals and scammers. Speakers will enlighten the audience on law enforcement’s point of view on cryptocurrencies, the security and solvency of crypto-exchanges, and the legality of ICOs.

David Ruzicka

Partner, Advisory, Cybersecurity, EY

Eugene Aseev

CTO, Chainstack

Laurence Pitt

Global Security Strategy, Juniper Networks

Omri Hering

Security Researcher, Trustwave, Spider Labs

Paul Lanois

VP, Senior Legal Counsel, CS

Scott Carlson

CISO, Sweetbridge, Inc.

Simon Kenin

Security Researcher, Trustwave, SpiderLabs

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