The Impact of AI for Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Sector

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In today’s digital world, organizations are increasingly impacted by AI for the good and bad. AI is being used in the healthcare industry for a variety of reasons. Despite AI being a resource for the healthcare sector it also comes with challenges. Join this podcast as we discuss:

• How the healthcare can prepare for combatting AI-driven cyber threats

• What steps should be taken now, next weeks, next months

• Strategy for adoption of AI for cybersecurity

• Upskilling your team

• Realistic expectations

Darren Shou

Chief Strategy Officer, RSAC

Errol Weiss

Chief Security Officer, Health-ISAC

Risk Management & Governance Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence & machine learning business continuity & disaster recovery physical security privacy ransomware threat management cyberattacks critical infrastructure PII security awareness

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