Security Coming Together: The Convergence of IT and OT

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While the notion of converged IT and OT has been steadily gathering steam, many questions remain about how best to get CISOs and OT leaders on the same page. In this podcast, Britta Glade talks to Johnson & Johnson’s Roy Gundy and Rockwell Automation’s Dawn Cappelli about IT/OT convergence starting points and end goals—plus the steps in between. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • The importance of designating project leadership—typically the CISO partnering with an individual who has a strong OT background
  • Factors that enterprises need to consider in order to get executive buy-in and sponsorship
  • The critical role of a strategic roadmap in helping both IT and OT understand how all the pieces fit together for a common goal

Dawn Cappelli

Director, OT-CERT, Dragos

Britta Glade

Senior Vice President, Content & Communities, RSAC

Roy Gundy

Head of OT Cyber Security, Johnson & Johnson

Business Perspectives

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