Getting employees on board with cybersecurity awareness

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In the 15 years since cybersecurity first received an October shout-out, technology has grown in leaps and bounds. But one thing that’s remained constant? The vital role that humans play in not only creating these advancements, but in driving their success and—often unknowingly—contributing to their limitations. In this episode, we talk with two awareness experts who share how best to secure our most important infosec asset: people.

Some of the topics that we’ll cover include:

  • What are the core tenants of awareness training beyond phishing warnings?
  • What do you say to an IT team that believes it can code its way to complete safety?
  • How do you persuade employees to pay attention to cybersecurity—especially those who are working remotely from home networks?

Cathy Click

Security Awareness Project Manager, FedEx

Cheryl Conley

Cyber Governance Risk & Compliance Senior Staff, Lockheed Martin

Britta Glade

Senior Vice President, Content & Communities, RSAC

Hugh Thompson

Executive Chairman, RSAC & Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference

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