GDPR: Where We Stand and What's to Come

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GDPR is not even a year old but in that short time, it’s dramatically changed how companies handle and are held accountable for the data they use. But beyond companies, the main purpose of GDPR was to protect and empower consumers. So, how well is it working?

With the help of Bree Fowler, Technology Writer at Consumer Reports and John Elliott, Data Protection Specialist, this month’s RSAC Podcast focuses on how GDPR has impacted consumer expectations and their willingness to share personal information. During the episode, our experts will answer these questions and more:

• When it comes to understanding a company’s privacy policies, what responsibility does the consumer assume?

• Are there situations where consumers should push back and ask for more diligent privacy and data use regulations?

• How much information is “appropriate” for companies to gather from their users?

John Elliott

Principal Consultant, Withoutfire and Pluralsight Author

Bree Fowler

Multimedia Content Creator, Electronics, Consumer Reports

Britta Glade

Vice President, Content & Curation, RSA Conference

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