AppSec and DevOps

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What do AppSec and DevOps have in common besides two-syllable monikers? A lot. Which is why their importance—especially from a risk management and compliance perspective—has not gone unnoticed. Nor has their ability to learn from each other along the way. In this episode, we talk with two guests who draw on their very relevant experiences to weigh in on where AppSec and DevOps are situated today and where they’re possibly headed in the future.

Some of the topics we cover include:
•With a variety of threats slipping through a growing number of cracks, is threat modeling at speed a viable solution?
•What skill set is needed for secure coding, and should companies be responsible for ensuring these skills are met?
•What is the single greatest impact that DevSecOps is having within organizations?

Matthew Clapham

Director of Cybersecurity, GE Healthcare

Britta Glade

Senior Vice President, Content & Communities, RSAC

Hugh Thompson

Executive Chairman, RSAC & Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference

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