Cyber Insurance

February 28, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET in Innovation Showcases

Join us at the February RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase – a monthly virtual program designed to highlight innovation in cybersecurity. On February 28, a panel of experts will focus on how cybersecurity has upended the traditional insurance model. The size, scale, and payouts of serious breaches are blindsiding companies. In response, startups are disrupting this established market by coming up with innovative products and approaches to analyze, price and cover risk. A panel of experts will discuss:

  • How did ransomware attacks and payouts challenge traditional insurance companies to pause and evaluate their offering?
  • What are some innovative risk and analysis tools aiming to take on this market and will it work?
  • What is the future of this market and can companies find insurance to help them mitigate risks posed by our interconnected society?

The panel will hear from two up and coming companies in the cyber insurance space:

Hosted in partnership with:


Robert Ackerman

Founder/Managing Director, AllegisCyber, AllegisCyber Capital

Erin Ayers

Managing Editor, Advisen's Front Page News

Brian Posner

Managing Partner and Founder, Point Rider Group