RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase: The Role of Identity in Cloud Security

April 24, 2024 | 2:00 PM ET in Innovation Showcases

Join us at the RSA Conference Innovation Showcase – a monthly virtual program designed to highlight innovation in cybersecurity. On April 24, we focus on The Role of Identity in Cloud Security. A panel of experts discuss:

  • Does "identity is the new perimeter" extend into the cloud?
  • How central is identity in cloud security? Just another entity or the core?
  • Do we need a unified view of identity across cloud infrastructure and cloud applications?

The panel then hears from two up and coming companies in the cloud identity space:

Hosted in partnership with:


John Brennan

Early Stage Investor,

Paul Harragan

Global Cybersecurity Lead, KKR & Co  

Cecilia Marinier

Vice President, Innovation & Scholars, RSA Conference

Ariel Tseitlin

Partner, Scale Venture Partners