The Global Battle Against Ransomware—in partnership with Altitude Cyber

January 17, 2024 | 2:00 PM ET in Innovation Showcases

Dive into the ever-evolving fight against ransomware at our January RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase — in partnership with Altitude Cyber. Gain insights into:

  • Ransomware's financial impact on businesses worldwide
  • Innovations in defense strategies and technology combatting ransomware
  • Important shifts in global policy, including the US-led coalition spanning 40 countries taking a stand against ransomware payments

Plus, the expert panel hears from two up-and-coming companies making waves in the ransomware space:

Hosted in partnership with:


Dino Boukouris

Founder & Managing Partner, Altitude Cyber

Gary Hayslip

Global CISO, Softbank Investment Advisors

Cecilia Marinier

Vice President, Innovation & Scholars, RSA Conference

Theresa Payton

CEO and President, Fortalice Solutions LLC