Weekly News Roundup October 17–21, 2022

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

October has definitely been an exciting month for everyone who is engaging with Cybersecurity Awareness Month. I hope you are having fun seeing yourself in cyber, but I want to recognize the incredible members of this community who were announced as the 2022 CyberScoop 50. Two speakers from RSA Conference 2022, Tanya Janca and Robert M. Lee, who delivered RSAC 2022 Top-Rated Sessions, were among those recognized for Industry Leadership. I also loved seeing some RSAC 365 speakers, Hope Goins and Danielle Jablanski, recognized for their leadership and inspiration.

Equally as inspirational were some of the findings from the 2022 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study. A majority (64%) of those surveyed reported that their organization is providing more flexible working conditions to help prevent or mitigate staff shortages. To learn more about Professional & Workforce Development, visit rsaconference.com/marketplace. Here, you’ll find an array of cybersecurity vendors and service providers who can assist with your specific needs.

Now let’s look at what else made cybersecurity headlines this week.

Oct. 21: The Hacker News took a deeper dive into the “Strengthening America’s Cybersecurity” initiative recently announced by the White House.

Oct. 20: Wired published a featured story on Vice Society, the notably “unremarkable” ransomware group that is believed to be targeting the education and healthcare sectors by deploying prepackaged ransomware.

Oct. 20: “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) unveiled new cybersecurity regulations for passenger and freight railroad carriers this week, expanding its list of critical infrastructure industries given specific guidelines for how to protect their systems,” Recorded Future reported.

Oct. 20: A group of artificial intelligence technology experts has launched the equivalent of a bug bounty program for AI systems, a bias bounty competition, to identify prejudices and algorithmic biases in AI models, according to MIT Technology Review.

Oct. 20: The Guardian reported, “Antony Blinken on Monday spoke at Stanford University and was scheduled to meet with tech executives to ‘highlight the key role for technology diplomacy in advancing US economic and national security,’ according to the state department.”

Oct. 19: We Live Security warned that researchers have seen an uptick in scams from online ticketing vendors.

Oct. 19: “The Chinese state-sponsored threat group Winnti has been observed targeting governmental entities in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong in recent campaigns,” Security Week reported.

Oct. 18: Arne Schönbohm, who led the Federal Office of Information Security, has been under scrutiny for alleged ties to Russian intelligence, and Germany’s Interior Ministry confirmed that Schönbohm was dismissed from his role on Tuesday.

Oct. 17: According to The Wall Street Journal, “Chief information officers say cybersecurity once again will be their top investment priority in 2023, a sign of how companies are racing to manage the business risk posed by escalating threats.”

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