Top 5 RSA Conference Resources: Week 5

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

Have you been challenged with thinking differently for the past few months? You’re not alone. In fact, we’ve asked many of our speakers who presented at RSA Conference 2020—who now have the wisdom of hindsight—if they now have any different thoughts about the sessions they delivered in February. Here’s what this week’s Top 5 RSA Conference Resources speakers had to say:

1. The Cyber Resilience Imperative & the Role of Pervasive Email Security 3.0

“Massive adoption of remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic has brought the Cyber Resilience Imperative into greater focus over the last two months. It’s important, now more than ever, to ensure your organization’s cybersecurity controls are managed in the cloud, and dependence upon on-premises solutions is minimized,” said Peter Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder of Mimecast. “Pervasive security at home requires your SOC, IT and threat intelligence teams to operate at full capacity away from the office. In the last 100 days, we've observed employees that don’t use security awareness training click on bad sites 5.2x as frequently as employees at companies that do use awareness training.”

2. Leading Change: Building a Security Culture of Protect, Detect and Respond

“Actually there is little I would change,” said Lance Spitzner, Director at SANS Institute. “The topic is more relevant than ever. With people working from home, organizations lose control from a technology perspective, as such people’s behaviors and security culture are even more important. What I would do different is use Working From Home as an example of the importance, and how to make security simpler for your WFH workforce and enable them to be more secure, building a much stronger security culture.”

3. Alice Ain’t Home: Detecting and Countering Foreign Hackers on Social Media

“I would talk about how nation-states would utilize trolls to spread false COVID-19 information in the hopes that it would increase death tolls in countries like the US,” said Chris Ott, Partner at Rothwell Figg.

4. Time to Reboot: The I/O Psychology of Cybersecurity

“While companies are struggling with the balance of business risk and pandemic impacts, security isn’t always top of mind. Applying the same strategies is just as important as ever, with a focus on work from home profiles, securing methods of access, and securing endpoints and the data itself. Become that partner to enable the business while balancing the risk necessary to run the business differently,” said Annalea Ilg, CISO of Involta.

5. We the People: Democratizing Security

In her keynote session, Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco, talked about how we adapt and think differently about the people we serve. Today, Nather said, “I would say that if I were to present the keynote today, knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, I would argue that the principles of democratization are even more important now, and every time we have sudden, turbulent change. Adapting security to change means involving everyone and seeking their help in managing it!”


Kacy Zurkus

Senior Content Manager, RSA Conference

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