The Added Value of an (ISC)² Membership at RSA Conference

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

While we know that RSA Conference attendees have joined us year after year in San Francisco because they value the educational content and networking opportunities we provide, we also know that they are there to grow as professionals. A major part of that is earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits toward their certifications.

One of RSAC’s educational partners through which attendees can earn CPEs is (ISC)2. Founded in 1989, (ISC)2 was originally a consortium of professional organizations that came together with the shared goal of creating a global information security certification process. Today, (ISC)² is an international, nonprofit membership association for information security leaders with more than 168,000 certified members.

(ISC)2 Membership Makes Earning CPEs at RSAC a Breeze

“The true value of (ISC)² membership is that it accelerates individuals’ career growth and skill development, in addition to providing members with a widely recognized distinction that hiring managers look for,” said Clar Rosso, CEO, (ISC)². To that end, the organization honors its industry partners who share their vision of skill mastery for its members.

In addition to (ISC)2 offering its own trainings and tutorials, the organization also recognizes the learning opportunities provided at partner events (one of which is RSA Conference), where members are able to earn credits. We’re pleased to share that once again (ISC)2 will host a two-day crash course for cloud security professionals, as well as a two-day (ISC)² CISSP® with Access to Self-Paced training with access to the eight domains of the (ISC)² CISSP common body of knowledge (CBK®) at RSA Conference 2022.

The process for earning credits for these and any other sessions offered throughout the week of Conference is really easy. RSAC will provide ISC2 with a list of attending ISC2 members including their names, membership numbers and applicable credits directly to ISC2 on your behalf. Please note, we ask for your ISC2 membership number during the registration process. Attendance of a 50-minute session will earn 1 credit for online viewing for RSA Conference. Attendees will need to apply for proper credentials and provide their RSA Conference Session Attendance Report as supporting documentation for on demand sessions. So, start planning an agenda now. Explore sessions on a variety of tracks from Privacy to Risk Management & Governance, Identity, and much more. I’m sure you’ll find many of your chapter members either attending the sessions alongside you or even presenting on the stage.

RSAC 365 Offers Year-Round Learning

We know that travel isn’t always an option, so if members can’t make it to San Francisco in June, they should know that RSAC 365 offers rich programming and educational content for which they can also earn CPEs. “(ISC)² delivers benefits that support members with the tools and resources they need to grow their careers,” Rosso said. And as an educational partner, RSA Conference is one of those resources that is always available to (ISC)2 members.

Kacy Zurkus

Senior Content Manager, RSA Conference

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