Security Blogger Q&A - Elliott Frantz

Posted on by Ally Lorentson Dunn

Elliott Frantz, Virtue Security:

Describe your blog in one sentence:  Application security for ethical hacking professionals.

Complete this sentence: “The RSA Conference is a world in its own.

How did you become interested in information security?

I started as teenager when I was just beginning high school. I was first interested in learning to program as a hobby, but it became only a stepping stone to sixteen more years in security. It’s amazing to see the constant development of new technologies and how drastically it changes how we live and interact. Seeing how fast the world is advancing makes every day more exciting – and knowing that security research ultimately keeps people safe also makes everything worthwhile. 

Talk about next generation issues. What are our future threats? What frightens you?

Technology is changing and expanding so fast that we simply don’t have the security resources to maintain it all. There are so many new web frameworks that application testers can no longer effectively test every web application.

As for threats, I think we will see more state sponsored effort to introduce bugs into open source and private software. A large part of the world is still not online and I think we will see more countries entering the game. In the last ten years we have seen a tremendous increase in the maliciousness of attacks and I don’t think this trend will stop any time soon.

Do you like/love what you do?

I absolutely love it! It’s not only incredibly rewarding for me, but entertaining as well. You don’t even need to be an expert to watch some great drama unfold.

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