RSAC 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A: My-Ngoc Nguyen

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Next up, hear from RSAC APJ Ambassador, My-Ngoc Nguyen:

My-Ngoc Nguyen

This will be your first time speaking at RSAC APJ – what are you most looking forward to? 

I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with audience members from a different side of the world that I’m from and live.  I’m honored and excited to have such an opportunity.  This is nothing short of VERY AWESOME. 

Is there a session that you’re looking forward to attending? 

There are many sessions that have caught my interest; however, one that really sticks out is the Live Adversary Simulation: Red and Blue Team Tactics from Steve Sims. 

Which speaker or keynote are you excited to hear?  

I’m excited to hear my SANS colleagues such as Rob Lee, Steve Sims, and Nick Klein as well as speakers who I never had the honor to hear from like DeWayne Hixson from Walmart. 

What is the topic of your session?  

I’m actually doing 2 sessions which I’m really excited about presenting. One is on Failing Forward to be more effective on managing risk and cyber security.  The other is on the most prominent and dangerous attack techniques.  

How are you preparing for your keynote? 

I’m preparing for my keynote by brainstorming on topics I’m passionate and knowledgeable about; then those thoughts and notes into a more organize fashion and outline.  I then fill out and complete the outline with my knowledge gained from learned, tried, and matured practice as well as experience.  

What skills/info will those who attend your keynote walk away with? 

My goal is to arm the attendees with information on countermeasures as well as help reset a mindset on addressing and managing cyber risks through an innovation model used by many tech firms.  This would be done through sharing some prominent attack techniques and embracing a mindset that embraces experimentation and willingness to take risks, which, for some, has been counter to our cultural upbringing to win and succeed - and only succeed. 

Do you have recommendations on must-see Singapore sights?  

This will be my second time in Singapore, so my recommendation must be taken with that in mind.  When I was there last year, I enjoyed the scenery of the botanic gardens and the different cultural “towns” that I visited by going on the hop-on-hop-off bus. 

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