RSAC 2015 Daily Recap: Wednesday

Posted on by Fahmida Y. Rashid

Day 3. Wednesday. Hump day! We are midway through RSA Conference, and there is still so much left to do. I spoke with an attendee who boasted he's been hitting over 10,000 steps on his FitBit everyday. I wonder what the average number of steps are among our attendees. Hope everyone has been eating healthy and drinking. We are exercising both our minds and bodies this week.RSAC 2015

Every day, sessions are packed. I stopped by an 8am session this morning, and was energized that despite the late night parties and outings, the room was almost packed. This is the kind of learning and sharing we want to see at RSA Conference, as that is how we will get closer to a secure world.

Tuesday night was RSAC speakers' dinner. I keep hearing comments about how the sessions are stronger, more relevant, and actionable. A huge thank you to the program committee and RSAC Content Director Britta Glade for such a great lineup of speakers this week.

The foot traffic at Cyber Safety Village, and the number of people walking around with "I'm In, R U?" ribbons on their badges, is exciting. It makes me hopefully that with all these people committing to working towards a more secure world for our children, that we will make a positive difference. If you haven't stopped by, you still have tomorrow. Chris Hoff, of Juniper Networks, was inspiring in his keynote today, despite the slight glitch with the demo.  

I've been enjoying the hands-on demonstrations at the Sandbox. How many of you have stopped by to check out our Studio sessions? And the show floor is full of booths with great demos and interactive apps to get attendees thinking about what they want to do.

Looking Ahead
There is still plenty to do and see on Thursday. Make sure to check out the keynotes and hear Zak Ebrahim discuss his story from The Terrorist's Son, Doris Kearns Goodwin's history lesson about leadership, and Alicia Kozakiewicz remind us that our children are vulnerable to online predators.

Have you checked out any of the new crowdsourced tracks? What do you think of them? There will be four more sessions tomorrow. Josh Corman will also be giving us his take on upcoming cyber-legislation. I am looking forward to the game show, Wait! Wait! Don't Pwn Me! featuring the likes of Mark Miller, Chris Eng, Jacob West, and Josh Corman. And the Codebreaker Bash is an opportunity for one more party before the conference ends: plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment. 

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