RSA Conference Greatest Hits: April 2016

Posted on by Jennifer Lawinski

We here at RSA Conference are continually striving to bring you excellent content year-round. Whether it's videos from your favorite conference sessions or blog posts from industry experts who can help you solve your toughest cybersecurity issues, we've got your back. 

What were your favorite posts and videos in the month of April this year? 

Top Blog Posts

1. Executive Hotel Rooms Are a Hacker’s Treasure Chest: Woody Wooden takes a look at the ways in which malicious hackers can steal your data using simple devices planted in hotel rooms. A must-read for the business traveler. 

2. Network Intrusion: Methods of Attack: Robert Moskowitz's exploration of network attack vectors continues to be one of your favorite stories on our blog. 

3. How We Foiled Ransomware and Got the Files BackDerek Soeder, a senior threat researcher at Cylance, discusses how he and his team reverse engineered ransomware to recover the password used to encrypt client files. 

Top Videos

1. The transition to the machine intelligence era is likely to have profound consequences for human society. Nick Bostrom will discuss some of the distinctive safety concerns that arise when we consider the possibility of superintelligent AI and some of the recent work that has been done to develop better models for thinking about these matters.

2. Join the founders and leaders of the field for an engaging discussion about the latest advances and revelations in cryptography, including research areas to watch in 2016 and insights drawn from lessons learned over the last three decades. 

3. Remarks by Admiral Michael S. Rogers, U.S. Navy, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service. 

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