Preview - Human Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Central Control Room Operations

Posted on by Ben Rothke

I received a copy of Human Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Central Control Room Operationsa few days ago and read the first two chapters.  So far, the book is incredibly valuable.  The authors have compiled a wealth of information that provides non-stop insights into how to train staff for remote operations. 

While the book has a main focus on control rooms in the aviation, manufacturing, oil and gas extraction and energy distribution sector, it is still completely relevant for any organization with a security operations center, or technology staff working remotely. 

The premise of the book is that the people operating these sites are remote from the processes that they are monitoring and controlling. 

The book focuses on human factors and the competencies on the staff supporting these technologies. 

The book is also of value for anyone involved with information security awareness; as it details how to create an effective training regimen. 

Assuming the next 13 chapters are of equal value, Human Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Central Control Room Operations should be required reading for anyone involved with a SoC or security awareness program.

Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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