Passing the Torch: An Editor Says Goodbye, Another Says Hello

Posted on by Jennifer Lawinski

Dear Readers,

RSA Conference is no longer limited to just yearly events in the U.S. and Asia/Pacific & Japan. In 2015, we launched RSAC Unplugged, a one-day “unconference” day, with the inaugural event in London. We just wrapped up the very first RSA Conference Abu Dhabi, covering the Middle East region. As the Editor-in-Chief for RSA Conference, I worked alongside a fantastic team who put together a dynamic conference program each year. 


The conversation doesn’t have to stop when the events end. We expanded our RSAC 365 strategy to include on-going webcasts, videos, and blogs with actionable and relevant content. And we are just getting started with plans for the following in the works:

  • New P2P formats where you can share ideas with your peers throughout the year.
  • Ways to connect you with experts and peers for insights you won’t find anywhere else.
  • New types of content to help you do your jobs better and advance in your careers.

I invited you to join the conversation, and we’ve had some great ones. But now it’s time for me to pass the baton to the next Editor-in-Chief.

I would like to introduce Jennifer Lawinski as our new Editor-in-Chief of online engagement for RSA Conference. With experience writing for publications like CRN and CIOInsight, Jennifer has the experience to facilitate the important security conversations. Keep an eye on this space. I am excited to see what the next phase of RSAC 365 will look like.

Fahmida Y Rashid, outgoing editor-in-chief of RSA Conference

Dear Readers,

I'm excited to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new Editor-in-Chief of online engagement here at RSA Conference. I know that I have big shoes to fill! Fahmida is one of the best in the business, but I know we'll be able to continue the excellent work she has done here helping give the RSA Conference community a place to learn, grow and share information about the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

After earning a M.S. in journalism from Boston University, I began my career at a small newspaper on the coast in Massachusetts, covering everything from school board meetings to the environmental impact of waterfront development in the small seaside community we covered. I then moved on to Tech Target, where I covered Windows security and my first "Patch Tuesday." I spent several years reporting on the solution provider community, the technology distribution channel and hardware for CRN.


As a Senior Editor with CIO Insight, I covered enterprise technology from all angles, reporting on how companies were making big decisions, leveraging the cloud, big data and mobile devices to drive business success. I've also had roles with mainstream news organizations including Fox News and MSN News.

I've written about whether cellos should get frequent flyer miles, the impact of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and how big data is being used by the Cincinnati Zoo. All of that has led me here, to RSA Conference, a vibrant, intelligent community that I’m just beginning to get to know.

I'm thrilled to be taking over the reins at RSA Conference, and I intend to bring you the information that you need, and help advance the important conversations we're having today on how to keep ourselves, our infrastructure and our data safe as the world becomes increasingly automated and digitized. And hopefully have some fun along the way.

Please reach out and let me know how we're doing and what we can do to serve you better. I look forward to meeting you in San Francisco and beyond!

Jennifer Lawinski
Incoming Editor-in-Chief of RSA Conference

Jennifer Lawinski

Director of Social Media & Community, Arculus

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