Let the Games Begin

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It's that time. Invitations for the Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA Conference 2014 have gone out, which means that the RSVP scramble has officially begun. We're all really excited and we hope you are, too.

This year we're taking over Jillian's, so it will be a truly private event. The same rules apply but we'll be able to let more people join the party and, well, let you all have run of the place. Poor Jillian's.

Which rules? Fellow committee member Rich Mogull shared them earlier. There are lots of definitions for bloggers but as the founder of the event and our resident "heavy" on the committee, he's reminding everyone the spirit of the event that we want to maintain for everyone's benefit.

If you think you fit the description but did not receive an invitation please complete this form. It is the only way to request an invite. Please do not email the committee members (unless you have a different question or just want to say hi!) or send carrier pigeons. Fill out the form and you'll be notified after committee review of the list each week.

Remember, if you've unsubscribed to the Security Bloggers Network email then you may not have received an invite, which means you may need to fill out the form, too.

Also, as Alan stated before, none of this would be possible without our fabulous sponsors, all listed in the big silver graphic below. Please thank them.


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