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RSA Conference is a lot of things for a lot of people. Most come for the education, many more come for the networking and even more come to explore the Expo floor, hoping to find the solutions they need to strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

Hopefully, you took advantage of this year’s Digital Expo and spent some time talking with vendors about the challenges you need to solve for, yet we all know that finding solutions isn’t as easy as a single conversation with a vendor. In fact, many of you have said that a centralized repository where you could go to find all the cybersecurity solutions you need would make life much easier.

Ask, and you shall receive. Your feedback inspired us to think differently about how we can be a continued resource for our community. So, we took the concept of the Expo at RSA Conference and expanded it to be a year-round, digital composite of the resources you need to protect your organization.

We are excited to announce the newest offering from RSA Conference, RSAC Marketplace. Starting May 19, cybersecurity professionals will be able to connect with hundreds of vendors, associations and service providers around the world via RSAC Marketplace. You’ll have the ability to browse and filter, making it easier to find exactly the right solutions and services you need to defend against cyberthreats.

Always Available Cybersecurity Solutions

RSAC Marketplace is an online resource that will connect you to a wide range of leading cybersecurity vendors, associations and service providers—and it’s available for free whenever you need it.

With new technologies being developed every day, it’s challenging to keep track of security solutions. But RSAC Marketplace will allow you to search by organization, product type and solution area so that you can more efficiently and effectively find the tools you need. Our intuitive interface brings hundreds of tools from vendors the world over into a single, comprehensive, centralized resource so you can stay abreast of innovative solutions.

As RSAC Marketplace evolves, you’ll be able to use a risk assessment tool to help you uncover gaps in your security posture. You’ll then be able to easily navigate not only to suggested products and solutions but also to educational content and certification learning that will help you and your team close those gaps.

RSAC Insights

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