Day 4 Recap: Keynote Highlights, RSAC College Day, and More

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Are you ready to rest yet? Or are you still ready for more? We hope it’s the latter since we still have one more day of incredible content for you. Here’s a look back at day four of RSAC 2020:

Today started off bright and early in Moscone South with Robert Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Dragos, Inc., where he presented The Industrial Cyberthreat Landscape: 2019 Year in Review. In this keynote, Lee discussed how the industrial cyberthreat landscape is constantly changing with new adversaries, new vulnerabilities and new attacks, and shared the lessons that can be learned from specific incident response cases. He advised the audience to find their most experienced engineers at their operation site or plant and ask what the worst-case scenario for them would be, then “determine what the cyber vulnerabilities are for that piece of equipment or system and work to address those.”

Back for another year, crowd favorite Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist, Researcher and Lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School, took the stage for Hacking Society. He argued that a computer security mindset is essential to understanding complex technological systems—and invited the audience to learn how to hack, and then defend, core systems of society like elections, the market economy, journalism and more. “Hacking society and securing against those hacks is how we in the computer security field can use our expertise for broader societal progress,” said Schneier.

At Moscone West, we heard Andy Ellis, Chief Security Officer at Akamai Technologies, share his keynote, 20 Years In: Security’s Grand Challenges, Then and Now. He explored how security’s grand challenges have shifted, discussed his experiences mitigating advanced threats, and provided insight into evolving future threats. “2020 is an opportune time for us to use our hindsight,” he advised. “We have watched the evolution of the Internet” and “web page integrity is the next challenge to solve in the integrity domain.”

Next up was the incredible Mary T. Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at General Motors Company, with her keynote, The Future of Transportation Relies on Strong Cybersecurity. She discussed how technology is a key enabler in developing connected, electrified and autonomous vehicles that will help us achieve a world with zero emissions, why it’s important for the automotive industry to work together to secure a strong enterprise-wide cybersecurity posture, and why STEM education and careers will be even more critical in the coming years. “If we want to cultivate young people to be part of our future, we need to invest in theirs,” she said.

RSAC College Day began over breakfast this morning with a panel of experts discussing current careers in cybersecurity as well as future opportunities, and was followed by the new RSAC Security Scholars Poster Pitch-Off, where three chosen RSAC Security Scholars pitched their cutting-edge research to a panel of industry veterans. Program host Theresa Payton, CEO and President of Fortalice Solutions LLC, noted that the “talent gap continues to plague the industry and this program is a way to draw top diverse talent.”

Friday: A Preview Snapshot

  • Keynotes: We encourage you to check out the full schedule, and keep in mind that the conference will also be livestreaming some of this year’s keynotes. Here are a few you won’t want to miss on Friday:
    • Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby – 8:30–9:20 AM in Moscone South. Katie Moussouris, Chief Executive Officer, Luta Security and Chris Wysopal, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Veracode will share new research data on coordinated disclosure, and focus on the views of security researchers and organizations alike to highlight behaviors, preferences and established practices.
    • Collaborating to Improve Open Source Security: How the Ecosystem Is Stepping Up 9:50–10:40AM in Moscone South. Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure, will share efforts across industry and open source communities to improve open source security across discovery and notification, fuzzing and other tools, and better review.
    • You Can Stop Stupid – 11:10 AM–12:00 PM in Moscone South. Dr. Tracy Celaya Brown, President, Go Consulting International, and Ira Winkler, Lead Security Principal, Trustwave will apply safety and counterterrorism sciences to provide a strategy for creating an environment around users that prevents the initiation of losses, and then mitigates losses should a user make a potentially harmful action.
  • The Hugh Thompson Show, featuring Penn & Teller and Dr. Lorrie Cranor – 12:30–1:30 PM in Moscone West. Mystery and magic intersect with human behavior analysis, with entertainment and audience participation in unique tricks from the ever-popular duo Penn & Teller and insight into human behavior and security fallibility from renowned expert Dr. Lorrie Cranor. RSAC College Day8:30 AM-1:30 PM, all Conference venues. Friday is the final day of RSAC College Day. Today’s programming was lively and well-attended by students, recent graduates and faculty, and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow as well!

A friendly reminder that the Expo floor is closed Friday. See you tomorrow for the conclusion of RSAC 2020! 

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