Breaking into Information Security: Crafting a Custom Career Path to Get the Job You Really Want

Posted on by Ben Rothke

Information security is a hot career area. There supply of qualified information security professionals is out of proportion to the growing demand. A recent article in Forbes states (erroneously in my opinion) there will be 1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2016. Whatever the number truly is, nearly every security department in corporate American is struggling to fully their thein security departments.

For those looking to get into the information security field, they need a resource they can trust, which details what they need to do to get there.

In Breaking into Information Security: Crafting a Custom Career Path to Get the Job You Really Want, (Syngress 978-0128007839), authors Josh More, Anthony Stieber and Chris Liu have written a handy guide that takes a broad approach to helping those enter the information security field.


The book gives the reader detailed listing of the many different information security jobs and career paths. Each chapter ends with a table of the role at a glance; including information such as travel, stress level, creativity, general job duties and much more.

The earlier chapters cover various information security job tasks such as log review, patch management, coding, system administration and more.  Then goes into a long listing of various information security job roles,

Long-term success in information security means constant growth.  Each job listing includes details on recognizing when you’re stuck, such that a person can know if they role is turning into a career dead-end.

In the book the authors chose to use the 5-digit year date, based on the Long Now Foundation. Such that the year 2016 is represented as 02016; to which I found it a bit that a bit pretentious, and not really relevant to the overall theme.

Everyone within information security will likely find value in the book. It’s helpful for everyone from computer science majors, those currently in IT, from junior-level information security professionals all the way to those looking to make the move into the information security field.

For anyone looking to get one of those 1 million information security jobs in 2016, Breaking into Information Security is a handy resource to help them get the job.

Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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