RSAC Logos & Usage Guidelines

Are you a partner or exhibitor of RSA Conference who would like promote an one of our upcoming events? First, thank you. And second, we've included our official logos below for you to use. But please, read the usage guidelines, which we set up so everyone can put their best foot forward. Thank you!

Standard Logotype

Standard Logotype - There are three versions of the logotype. Please choose the version that best serves your requirements. Take care not to modify or separate any element of the wordmark.

Logo with Tagline

Logo with Tagline - When the logotype is in its horizontal format, the tagline goes to the side separated by a vertical line; when the logotype is stacked, the tagline goes below it, with or without a horizontal separation line.

RSAC 2021 Logo

USA: Year-Specific Logotype

USA: Year-Specific Logotype with Dates and Venue