Virtual Session: DevSecOps Is A Global Movement, APJ Included

June 20th, 2018 @ 2 PM ET

While DevOps has been a wave that has swallowed the whole world, the rise of DevSecOps has exploded over the last two years. The need for security to keep up with the pace of today’s digitally transformed business has forced organizations to think of security as part of the DevOps framework. It has also challenged security folks to join their IT colleagues in Dev, Ops, and QA to do better, faster or risk becoming superfluous. APJ is well positioned to integrate security into the DevOps mindset. In this RSAC virtual session, hear John Willis, Mark Miller and Alan Shimel talk about why DevSecOps Days represents a great way to bring DevSecOps to your local community with a global approach to defining how security can shift left to secure the software development supply chain for all.



Alan Shimel Editor-in-Chief and Founder, and Security Boulevard


John Willis Co-author of DevOps Handbook


Mark Miller Executive Producer, OWASP 24/7, OWASP

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