Reduce the Cybersecurity Risks for Property Management Systems through Secure Payment Practices

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Hotel chain data breaches have resulted in huge financial loss and reputational harm. Unlike other consumer-facing businesses, such as retail stores, hotels must hold onto payment card data for extended periods passing this valuable data among many participants in the payment security ecosystem as customers make reservations and complete travel.  In this podcast, our guests will identify and discuss how organizations can reduce the risks associated with handling payment card information for hotels and, in turn, begin to strengthen the cybersecurity of the property management system (PMS). For more information, visit NIST’s project on Securing Property Management Systems.

John T. Bell

Founder and Principle Consultant, Ajontech LLC

William Newhouse

Cybersecurity Enginee, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)

Arshad Noor

CTO, StrongKey


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