RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase: Building a Holistic Approach to DevSecOps

June 26, 2024 | 2:00 PM ET in Innovation Showcases

Join us at the RSA Conference Innovation Showcase – a virtual program designed to highlight innovation in cybersecurity. On June 26, we focus on building a holistic approach to DevSecOps.

Historically, being first to market has been the driving mantra of technology companies trying to win over market share, often at the expense of ensuring security. Government regulation and “Secure by Design” are now forcing tech companies to place some guardrails with innovative startups rising to the challenge by either validating code before production or identifying application vulnerabilities after deployment into customer environments.

Esteemed panelists discuss:

  • Historical challenges facing DevSecOps
  • What does shifting left AND shifting right mean?
  • Where are we in the Secure by Design Journey?

The panel then hears from two up and coming companies in the software lifecycle space:

Hosted in partnership with:


Anita D’Amico

President, Cotopaxi Consulting LLC

Cecilia Marinier

Vice President, Innovation & Scholars, RSA Conference

Blake Pennington

Principal, Munich Re Ventures

Tony Surak

Chief Marketing Officer, DataTribe