As a cybersecurity professional, you’re probably encountering situations and fielding questions you’ve never had to face before. We put together this resource center to help provide some of the answers you may be looking for. These webcasts, videos, blogs, and more cover a variety of topics that could be useful as you strive to overcome whatever challenges are thrown your way. Be sure to bookmark this page; we’ll be updating it with new content frequently.




Mental Health for Hackers

In this on-demand webcast, hear from industry leaders discussing how hackers and other industry professionals can manage the mental health challenges that come with the demands of a job in cybersecurity.

Mental Health for Hackers


Mind the Gap: Strategies for Finding and Retaining Cyber Talent

What are the some of the different strategies we should be utilizing to address the cyber talent shortage? From expanding the talent pool, to early mentorship, listen to a discussion of ways the industry can rebrand to develop talent from various diverse sources.

Cyber Risk Management: Understanding Impact on Audits, Regulation and Board Engagement
Webcast featuring Phillip Nemmers
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Increasing Threats to OT/ICS Assets Need a Robust Cybersecurity Program
Podcast featuring Eric Cosman, John Livingston & Kacy Zurkus
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The Queen’s Gambit and the Science of Hacking
Blog by Ira Winkler
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The CISO Speaks: Integrity Matters, and Things that Matter Aren’t Easy
Webcast featuring Jerry L. Davis, Pamela Fusco, Malcolm Harkins & Juan Gomez-Sanchez
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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Explained
Webcast featuring Kelly Hood & Thomas Conkle
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Automation in SOAR Goes Further with DevSecOps

Blog by Mike Fraser

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Hackers & Threats

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Issues Are Stressing Corporate Cyber-Risk Management

Risks of virtually all types have exploded in 2020, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic and the brutal recession accompanying it, and—yes—the list absolutely includes substantially heightened uncertainty in the corporate cybersecurity...

Weekly News Roundup May 4-8, 2020

Internet Blackouts: The Latest Front in the Battle for Information Control

Keeping an Eye on Business Email Compromise

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Why Logging in the Cloud Is Now More Imperative than Ever

Weekly News Roundup April 20-24, 2020

Preparing for Viral Attacks in the Digital and Physical Worlds Requires Centralized Intelligence

Book Review of “Hunting Cyber Criminals: A Hacker's Guide to Online Intelligence Gathering Tools and Techniques”

Amid Growing Coronavirus-Related Cyberattacks, Companies Must Continue Making Big Strides in SIEM and Other Types of Cybersecurity Analytics

Weekly News Roundup April 6-10, 2020

Remote Access Presents New Challenges in Industrial Cybersecurity

Incorporating IOBs to Help for the Here and Now

Weekly News Roundup March 30-April 3, 2020

Malware and Misconfigurations—The 2nd Annual RSAC SOC Report

Follow the Money: The Link between Passwords and Terrorism

MITRE ATT&CK: The Sequel

When Cybercriminals with Good OpSec Attack

JavaScript Skimmers, Formjacking and Magecart: All You Need to Know

Forensic Techniques against Hackers Evading the Hook

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Winning the War on Cybercrime: The Passwordless Solution

“I read the news today, oh boy...”

The Beatles may have famously penned the lyrics to “A Day in the Life” in 1967—the same decade passwords were invented—but the message may seem to ring even more true in today’s digital...

Top 5 RSA Conference Resources: Week 4

Top 5 RSA Conference Resources

The Ghost in the Machine: Reconciling AI and Trust in the Connected World

Mobile & IoT Security

Weekly News Roundup October 19-23, 2020

Not surprisingly, the Russians have made cyber-headlines with week, starting with the Department of Justice’s announcement on Monday that it had

If You Connect It, Protect It

Securing Devices for a Challenge of a Lifetime

Top RSA Conference Resources to Revisit This Week

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Do This, Not That! How Remote Workers Can Secure Home Networks

How to Deal with the Security Challenges of Disruptions in Supply Chain

How a Global Crisis Changes the Threat Landscape

Slow Down to Shore Up Your Security

Challenges in Android Supply Chain Analysis

Mobile MFA Madness: Mobile Device Hygiene and MFA Integrity Challenges

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#BeCyberSmart: At Work and at Home

It’s October! Time for pumpkins, candy corn and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). This...

The Growth of Telemedicine: Rising Risks and Challenges to Address Today

Contact Tracing: Ethics in Privacy and Technology in a Post COVID World

Weekly News Roundup June 22-26, 2020

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Weekly News Roundup June 8-12, 2020

Finding Balance Between Surveillance & Safety

The Global Pandemic’s Influence on Hot Topics in Cyber-Law 2020

Aren’t You Glad You Already Have a Privacy Team?

Top 5 RSA Conference Resources of the Week

How’s Your RSA Conference Homework Coming Along?

Protecting Online Meetings

Data Ethics and Privacy Engineering in Cybersecurity

Privacy by Design Lessons from Beyoncé

It’s All about the States: Navigating the Privacy Thicket

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Workforce Development

Cyber-Learning in Today’s World

The cultivation of cyber-hygiene is invaluable in preparing young children for the cyber-unknown. It can decrease the effectiveness of many cyberattacks. Unfortunately, the quality of education—and cyber-education, more specifically—is not entirely...

Weekly News Roundup November 16-20, 2020

The Queen’s Gambit and the Science of Hacking

Building High-Performing and Diverse Cybersecurity Units

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“Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

Weekly News Roundup October 19-23, 2020

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Is Swelling at a Frightening Pace

#BeCyberSmart: Each One Teach One

For Many, Home Is the New Workplace. Here’s Some Practical Cybersecurity Advice.

“Robot Downsizing”—How The Ultimate Solution to Security is Human

Weekly News Roundup July 13-17, 2020

Contact Tracing: Ethics in Privacy and Technology in a Post COVID World

Seven Deadly Sins of Security Communications

We're Facing a Remote Working Future and It's a Security Opportunity

Ben's Book of The Month: Review of "The Digital Big Bang"

Weekly News Roundup May 25-29, 2020

Do This, Not That! How Remote Workers Can Secure Home Networks

Finding Balance for Cybersecurity Pros

NICE Resources for Skills and Team Development

Weekly News Roundup May 11-15, 2020

Top 5 RSA Conference Resources: Week 6

Security Awareness Training for the Remote Workforce

Top 5 RSA Conference Resources: Week 5

Staying Healthy While Managing Change

Will You Emerge as a Leader in Your Organization by Enabling Innovation?

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