Smitha Sriharsha

Application Security Architect, Cisco

Smitha Sriharsha is an Application Security Architect, Cisco Design Thinking Facilitator, part of Cisco Cloud Security Business Unit. Smitha has 18 years experience designing, building, securing products and services in security domain. She is a security practitioner and technologist who believes in creating security awareness through simple, fun and interactive methods. Smitha has delivered various security related bootcamps and presentations in various conferences like SecCon2020, CloudSummit 2020 and Develop@Cisco 2019. She is recognized as a Distinguished Pioneer which is the highest rank of award for the Cisco Security Space Center program (Cisco’s Security Awareness Program). Currently part of the security enablement team, she is driving a pervasive security culture to secure Cisco Cloud Security Products and Services. This includes establishing security standards, partnering to build foundational security capabilities, delivering consumable security stacks in strategic environments in a DevSecOps model and driving adoption across the cloud security group. Prior to her current role, she was part of Cisco Content Security team, where she provided technical leadership building various compliance capabilities and features enabling products to achieve FIPS 140-2 and common criteria certifications. She has worked in various start-ups like Aventail (Soniwall), Narus (Boeing), Accenture and DELL where she held various roles including QA Engineer, Automation Lead, Helpdesk Support Engineer and Program manager.