RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar: Risk Management & Governance

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Four sessions, one goal: improving risk management.

This free virtual seminar moderated by Consultant and Author, John Elliott, consists of four sessions which take a deep dive into cybermaturity concepts, building stronger cybersecurity bonds, measuring risk with an open, community risk model, and managing extreme cyber loss.

The four sessions are split into two parts. Each part is approximately one hour followed by 20–25 minutes of Q&A with the speakers.

PART 1: Are We Secure? Yes, If Our Controls Are Working.
IS & Compliance: Building Bonds for Stronger Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity personnel are stretched thin trying to deal with the myriad threats in today’s environment. In order to optimize work efficiency, cyber-resilience and corporate compliance specialists have to work together to create an integrated plan for testing resilience and identifying problems and unrecognized risks.

Presenters: Alan Brill, Jack Bennett

Cybermaturity: Bringing Maturity into Cybersecurity

This session provides an overview of cybersecurity maturity, or cybermaturity, concepts. It will define cybermaturity scales, the ideas within them, and cybermaturity levels that can help define an implementation approach for cybersecurity standards. Participants will walk through common risk management approaches to learn how to leverage cybermaturity scales to meet their goals.

Presenters: Tom Conkle, Kelly Hood

Q&A with Speakers




Slide deck for Part One: Are We Secure? Yes, If Our Controls Are Working.

PART 2: Quantifying and Using Loss Mitigation
Managing eXtreme Cyber Loss Events: Slaying the Boogeyman with Data

Risk managers often struggle when they get to executive and board level stakeholder, finding vague and scary sounding cyber risks are the dominant conversation. With extensive research into over 100 of the largest breaches in the past several years, we help arm professionals with data to have conversations about catastrophic risks to be better partners with the business and produce better results.

Presenters: Dr. Wade Baker, David Severski

Measuring Risk Using Open, Community Risk Models

In this presentation, attendees will learn a practical methodology for governing and managing risk using free and community driven risk models. A large group of community volunteers banded together to create a model for managing risk accessible to practitioners at all levels. In addition, these defenses have been prioritized to make it easier for attendees to immediately use these free resources.

Presenter: James Tarala

Q&A with Speakers




Slide Deck for Part Two: Quantifying and Using Loss Mitigation


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