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Call for Peer2Peer Session Facilitators for RSA Conference 2019 is now open!

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Ready to discuss approaches to incident response? Want to explore ideas for automation? Eager to share your experience implementing a security awareness program? Interested in finding out what your peers are doing in DevOps? Then submit a Peer2Peer (P2P) session topic and share your answers, issues and questions with like-minded peers who have much to gain, and to offer.

P2P sessions enable groups that share a common interest to come together and explore a specific security topic. These highly interactive sessions feature a group moderator that is skilled at keeping conversations informative and flowing. To facilitate productive exchange, the sessions are limited to 30 people. Also, no PowerPoint or other slide-style presentations are allowed.

Rest assured, you don’t need to be an expert in the topic you propose. You only need the desire to facilitate conversation with your peers on the topic. We’ll offer a facilitator training session to help you make the most of the session and further develop your facilitation skills. We’ll also work with you to survey your session registrants weeks before Conference so that your planned discussion points are timely and laser-focused on their areas of interest. You’ll also have the opportunity to report back out to the RSA Community with results of the discussion you facilitate.

This is a golden opportunity to connect with others who share your interests and help spread understanding of the discussion that ensues. It could well be one of the most productive experiences you have at RSA Conference 2019. So, submit a topic for the RSA Conference 2019 Peer2Peer program between October 2 and November 28 (midnight Pacific Time).

See our Tips for Submission.

RSA Conference Speakers: If you’d like to delve more deeply into the subject of your presentation or provide a deeper Q&A, we invite you to submit a P2P session topic as a follow-up to your session.

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