USA 2019 onDemand / Track: C-Suite View, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Defining a Cyber-Risk Appetite That Works

Wednesday, Mar 06 | 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM


Many organizations have defined a risk appetite; however very few of these definitions are actually useful. For the most part they boil down to nothing more specific than “medium-low” and they rarely play a meaningful role in decision-making. In this session, Jack Jones will share a simple process for defining an unambiguous cyber-risk appetite that can drive better decision-making.Learning Objectives:1: Recognize the limitations of common risk appetite definitions.2: Understand the various value propositions that come from a clearly defined risk appetite.3: Learn how to apply the principles and methods shared to define a risk appetite that works.Pre-Requisites:Attendees should understand the principles and intent of risk appetite definitions, KRIs, KPIs and risk measurement.

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