Monday Activities

Monday of Conference week is full of fantastic content this year, so be sure to book your travel plans to include Monday, February 13 and take advantage of everything that’s happening that day.

Tutorials & Trainings
9 AM – 5 PM
Immerse yourself in an intensive, skill-building 2-day session on Sunday/Monday of Conference week. Trainings & Tutorials are led by respected authorities from the SANS Institute, ISACA and (ISC)². Please note: There is an additional charge for all the Tutorials & Trainings.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest
1 – 4:25 PM, winner announcement at 4:30 PM
For eleven years, the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest has crowned innovative companies who create cutting-edge technologies to fight the infosec risk. See the agenda for this year’s contest.

Welcome Reception
5 – 7 PM
The Welcome Reception takes place in the North and South Expos. This year, the reception is open to all Conference passholders.


Advancing Information Risk Practices
8:30 – 11:30 AM
Many challenges face today’s risk management programs, including how to rank risk security gaps, handle business interactions and form a qualified resource pool. This half-day seminar will be packed with useful information from a series of respected industry leaders. Discussing successes and pitfalls, these leaders have set out to challenge conventional ideas and pursue cutting edge tactics.

Practical Intelligence Sharing
9 AM – 12 PM
The theme of RSA Conference 2016 was “Connect to Protect.” Indeed, as we’ve moved from a discussion about threat “information” to threat “intelligence,” there has been a maturation of the discussion on how to really share “intelligently.” Every organization is at a different stage in the journey, and there is much to learn from all of the different perspectives. This seminar will challenge conventional approaches, highlight what’s working and where we still need some work, and provide a framework for understanding the opportunities and challenges around intelligence sharing.

9 AM – 5 PM
Explosive growth demands focused understanding, so we’ve developed this new seminar to give attendees a full day all about ransomware, and its multifaceted implications across technical, policy, compliance and financial response. Sessions will discuss innovative research, present case studies on response and recovery to ransomware, explore combatting ransomware and debate if—and when—you should pay the ransom.

Security Foundations
9 AM – 5 PM
The Security Foundations seminar explains some of the most important security principles and is designed to provide practitioners with an overview of essential concepts that will enhance understanding of the current advanced security issues that will be discussed during the week. The seminar will feature some of the giants of the security industry, offering up-to-date perspectives on fundamental security topics. While designed for practitioners with five or less years of direct experience in the security field, the framework it provides to the overall landscape will be of value to the full spectrum of RSA Conference attendees.

How-to Series: Year One Innovators and Entrepreneurs
10 AM – 12 PM
This new seminar is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the process of taking a great idea/solution to the next level: developing a business plan, securing funding, building a company and launching a product. This content is part of a larger commitment RSA Conference is making to promote innovation in the industry, including the Innovation Sandbox Contest and the crowning of the “Most Innovative Startup,” beginning at 1 PM in the Viewing Point, and the new Early Stage Expo, which runs Tuesday through Thursday at the Marriott.

RSAC CyberSmart Parents Education Workshop:  "The Always-On Generation and the Evolving Digital Landscape"
1 – 3 PM
Our kids face a barrage of social media content, new apps, multiplayer games and a continually evolving digital landscape. How do we, as parents and caregivers, keep this “always-on” generation safe online? This seminar will provide an overview of how to support and secure your child’s online activities. Hear about the latest brain research on sleep and addiction, learn how to recognize and address cyberbullying, and find out what youth and teens are saying about the rewards and challenges they experience in a networked world. We will share strategies to help you create a positive, open dialogue with your children and discuss how to achieve healthy balance in our digitally tethered lives. Afterwards, attendees can visit our CyberSafety Village and interact with service organizations and non-profits whose mission supports education around keeping kids safe online.

Securing Diversity: Women in Cybersecurity
2 – 5 PM
One of our most critical national security issues is the negative unemployment we face in our industry, and yet we are regressive when it comes to diversity. We need diversity to solve the problem. This inaugural seminar explores the power—and opportunity—of women in security, as individuals and as part of effective teams. Members of our community come at these realities with different perspectives, reflected by our energizing and provocative seminar sessions, which feature a range of accomplished women at various points in their careers, exploring how they got there and the power of diversity (gender and generational) to really lead us into achieving the ultimate cyber workforce of the future. This seminar is appropriate for all of our attendees, offering a great start to the week with strong content and networking opportunities. 

Association Seminars

Cloud Security Alliance Summit 2017: Securing the Converged Cloud
9:00 AM – 4 PM
Today, cloud represents the central IT system by which organizations will transform themselves over the coming years.  As cloud represents the future of an agile enterprise, new technology trends, such as Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, and container technologies extend the benefits of cloud - but also creates new attack vectors for ambitious and resourceful adversaries. This year’s Cloud Security Alliance Summit welcomes world leading security experts and cloud providers to discuss global governance, the latest trends in technology, the threat landscape, security innovations, best practices and global governance in order to help organizations address the new frontiers in cloud security.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with CSA.

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition
10 AM – 4 PM
The 3rd Annual DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition @ RSA Conference is a two-day long series of events focusing on the intersection of security and DevOps. The original inspiration of the event was to allow DevOps and Security practitioners to come together to talk about real world, enterprise level experiences on implementing automation and security into the Software Supply Chain.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with DevOps Connect.

IAPP: The New Technological Approach to Privacy
1 – 4:30 PM
For years a place of policy and law, privacy is entering its next evolutionary phase, with technological approaches and solutions. In order to operationalize privacy, and help it work side by side with cybersecurity, organizations needs frameworks and tools that allow for controls and automation. These are under rapid development. Further, privacy understanding is working its way deeper into the cybersecurity community and efforts to protect personal information are now infused with an understanding of how to use and manage personal information in the first place. Join us for a look into privacy’s future for an understanding about how privacy is best done here in the present day.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with IAPP.

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