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RSA Conference 2017 eFraud Global Forum is now Closed.  Please save the date for RSA Conference 2018 eFraud Global Forum which will take place on Monday, April 16, 2018 in San Francisco, California.   

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We are accepting nominations from anti-fraud and security professionals interested in attending future eFraud Global Forum meetings. Submit your full name, title, company name, office number and email to

Our Mission Statement

The mission of RSA Conference eFraud Global Forum is to bring together a cross-industry group of global fraud prevention professionals for a one-day, closed-door discussion dedicated to sharing information about reducing online fraud. Through case studies and facilitated discussions, senior level decision-makers can make an impact on diminishing fraud not just within their own organization but outside their organization as well. Our goal is to foster the types of discussions that get at the heart of why online fraud continues to persist—and how to begin to put an end to it all—while maintaining the intimacy of a closed-door meeting. Our commitment to eFraud Global Forum members is to:

  • Facilitate a dedicated discussion about online fraud that encourages learning through sharing information about how online fraud occurs and how to prevent it using best practice examples from leading organizations.
  • Create an environment where attendees can candidly share information with peers in a confidential setting.
  • Bring together strategically-minded decision makers interested in not only solving problems within their own organization or industry, but to think “outside the box” and solve global problems affecting many industries.
  • Drive agenda, topics and speakers through a global Program Committee that understand the concerns and problems eFraud Global Forum attendees face everyday. 



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