• SMS Two-Factor Authentication Is No Longer Enough

    by Alisdair Faulkner on August 26, 2016

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    With the near-constant occurrence of highly organized and complex cybercrime attacks, effective digital authentication has never been more challenging. Businesses must verify who they’re transacting with by implementing additional security measures, but at the same time they need to minimize friction and provide seamless user experiences to avoid losing users to competitors. SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) has proven effective in providing additional security, and by simply sending a…

  • Xtreme RFP: Designing a Live Vendor Review Session for RSAC 2017

    by RSAC Contributor on August 24, 2016

    By Laura Koetzle, Vice President and Group Director, Forrester Research & Wendy Nather, Research Director, Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center We’re designing a new type of session for RSA Conference that we’re calling “Xtreme RFP.” Prior to the conference, we plan to issue a mock RFP for solutions to a security problem (with real world constraints), and ask vendors to respond in a standard…

  • StoryCorps @ RSAC: There Is a Way to Win This

    by Jennifer Lawinski on August 22, 2016

    Welcome to the StoryCorps @ RSAC podcast series! Every month we'll be featuring a different conversation between cybersecurity professionals about their lives, the industry and the future of cybersecurity. Are we prepared to deal with the cybersecurity challenges of the future when it comes to thinks as complicated as artificial intelligence or as simple as texting? RSA's senior VP and Chief…

  • Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

    by Ben Rothke on August 19, 2016

    Many organizations have entered the world of cloud services, only to find it is not the panacea that they were lead to believe it would be. For example, while it’s relatively easy to spin up new servers in AWS (Amazon Web Services), managing those servers once they are operational is not such an easy endeavor. In Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud (O'Reilly Media ISBN-10:…

  • Dissed by NIST

    by Wendy Nather on August 19, 2016

    In the latest draft of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology guidance document on authentication and lifecycle management—and isn’t that a mouthful, even if you’re reading silently to yourself?—the authors have come out with the following bombshell: Due to the risk that SMS messages may be intercepted or redirected, implementers of new systems SHOULD carefully consider…

  • Deception, Smart Cities, Ransomware on the Program at RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi

    by Britta Glade on August 18, 2016

    RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi is just a few short months away. Our agenda has been carefully selected by an amazing committee of regional experts, achieving a very interesting balance of sessions designed to address issues that are front and center for our attendees from the area. The RSA Conferences outside of the U.S. (Abu Dhabi and Asia Pacific & Japan, which just concluded in Singapore) provide…

  • The Connected Car: Security Is in the Slow Lane

    by RSAC Contributor on August 17, 2016

    By Lancen LaChance, Vice President of Product Management, GlobalSign Wi-Fi hotspots, navigation systems and self-parking technology—these are just some of the cool connected car features available today. No longer are cars just for driving, they are connected systems embedded in our personal data network with access to valuable information that is attractive to hackers. Safely building systems…

  • Cybersecurity: The Quick and the Dead

    by Robert Statica on August 15, 2016

    More than two million people were affected by cyber crime in the UAE last year and not a week goes by without a report of a business having its files hacked or leaked. The UAE, as a global business hub and point of exchange, is particularly vulnerable to attackers from across the world. CEOs and their colleagues in IT and cybersecurity simply can’t afford to wait until they become a victim of an…

  • Summer Slacking: 8 Security Mistakes Your Users Are Making

    by Ryan Berg on August 9, 2016

    As an IT professional, you’re expected to be always on. But for your users, it’s summertime, and that means BBQ’s and beer (although in Texas that’s pretty much year round.) With cookouts to host and vacations to plan, following your company’s security policies to the letter isn’t going to be the first thing on your users’ minds. Here are seven mistakes your users are prone to making during the…

  • RSA Conference Greatest Hits: July 2016

    by Jennifer Lawinski on August 8, 2016

    We here at RSA Conference are continually striving to bring you excellent content year-round. Whether it's videos from your favorite conference sessions or blog posts from industry experts who can help you solve your toughest cybersecurity issues, we've got your back. What were your favorite RSA Conference blog posts and videos in the month of July this year? Top Blog Posts 1. The Dangers of…

  • Counterterrorism: The People Factor

    by RSAC Contributor on August 5, 2016

    By Johnathan Tal, President & CEO, TAL Global Corporation The news is rife with terrorist attacks across the world. Information security professionals cannot fix every hole by implementing the latest “solution.” In “Counterterrorism—The People Factor” an interactive and facilitated Peer2Peer session that built on Dr. Southers’ AVSEC presentation at the 2015 RSA Conference, the group shared…

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