• Attracting New Candidates to the Industry

    by Caroline Wong on July 18, 2018

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    I started my information security career more than a decade ago, leading security teams at eBay and Zynga. Since then I’ve run a global product management team at Symantec and been a management consultant at Cigital. I’m currently the Vice President of Security Strategy for a Pen Testing as a Service company called In 2010, I was named by the Executive Women’s Forum as a Woman of Influence in the “One to Watch” category. In 2011, I published a best selling textbook with McGraw-Hill…

  • Tackling Accountability in Asia

    by Sam Pfeifle on July 17, 2018

    Many of us probably use the term often in our personal and professional lives: accountability. Who doesn’t value accountability? In my travels, I have found that Asian cultures, specifically, incorporate accountability into ideas of honor and responsibility. It is a point of pride in the business-world to be able to say that, yes, that was my job and if it wasn’t done well, it was my fault and I…

  • How I was hacked by my six-year-old daughter

    by Etay Maor on July 16, 2018

    “Hacking is exploiting security controls either in a technical, physical or a human based element,” – Kevin Mitnick. Well, let me give you another quote “Daaaaaaaaaaaaddy, I am bored!” – my six-year-old daughter, yesterday. Here is the scene – I am working on a presentation about cyber security flaws in enterprises, trying my best to focus on details and numbers, my wife and son are at a…

  • RSAC AdBoard: Checking In with Todd Inskeep on 2018 Predictions and Beyond

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 13, 2018

    It’s hard to believe but we have reached the midway point of 2018 already. Where does the time go? Part of the fun that we have closing out each year is looking ahead to what the year ahead and beyond brings in terms of trends, topics and industry movement. We did this with the RSA Conference Advisory Board back in December 2017 looking at what is to come in this blog post. We want to revisit some…

  • The Sound Track to RSAC

    by Sandra Toms on July 10, 2018

    Each year, the Conference team pulls together music to play during keynote “walk-in” and “walk-out.” The team even has a discussion based on science around what is the best music for when someone walks into the keynote room and takes a chair vs. when you want to encourage the audience to leave the room. I’m not sure I completely understand the difference, but I’m glad the team thinks about it. …

  • Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Tracy Celaya

    by RSAC Editorial Team on July 5, 2018

    In Part 3 of this four-part series, meet RSAC APJ Ambassador Tracy Celaya. Tracy is the President and Principal Consultant at Start with Go. She returns to RSA Conference after attending RSAC USA 2018 as a first-time speaker. We asked Tracy what she’s looking forward to when she arrives at RSAC APJ and got the inside scoop on her session with Ira Winkler. You recently joined us for RSAC USA 2018. …

  • Partnering in Governance: Cybersecurity Tools for Board/Manager Interaction

    by Daniel Dobrygowski on July 3, 2018

    If cybersecurity was a solely a technical problem, it would be mostly solved by now. But true resilience to cybersecurity threats requires a cultural shift – and that requires leadership. This is why ultimate responsibility for cybersecurity strategy sits with the CEO and the Board of Directors. At RSA Conference this year, we hosted an intimate Peer2Peer discussion on how IT security managers…

  • Ben's Book of the Month: Review of "A Data-Driven Computer Security Defense: THE Computer Security Defense You Should Be Using"

    by Ben Rothke on June 30, 2018

    In the world of information security, the ability to actually implement something and bring ideas to fruition, is commendable. In A Data-Driven Computer Security Defense: THE Computer Security Defense You Should Be Using (ISBN 978-1549836534), author Roger A. Grimes take his decades of experience and give the reader excellent advice on how they can secure their networks and do just that. As the…

  • Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Matt Alderman

    by RSAC Editorial Team on June 29, 2018

    In part two of this four-part series, meet RSAC APJ Ambassador Matt Alderman! Matt is the chief strategy and marketing officer at Layered Insight and a frequent speaker at RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan. We reached out to Matt to ask him a few questions as a past RSAC APJ attendee and speaker, so read on for his thoughts on why he attends, what he finds unique to RSAC APJ, and the people and…

  • From Top to Bottom, State of Cyber Security in Healthcare is a National Concern

    by Tony Kontzer on June 28, 2018

    Given the sensitive nature of healthcare information, and the fact that we have an overarching regulation, HIPAA, that dictates how that data is handled, it would seem safe to assume that cyber security has been established as an ongoing top priority. Yeah, well, about that…it seems that healthcare continues to lag behind most other industries in securing its data, hampered by non-action that…

  • Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Magda Chelly

    by RSAC Editorial Team on June 26, 2018

    Cyberthreats present big global challenges. It takes big thinking from the industry’s brightest minds to tackle them. As APJ’s leading information security conference, RSA Conference APJ serves to illuminate the latest cybersecurity solutions and bring together infosec professionals to share their talents and skills with an international community. We spoke with four industry experts who will be…

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