Phishing Mobile Devices for Fun and Prison

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Three cybercriminals are now in federal prison. Their offense? Running a multimillion dollar cybercrime operation that used phony text messages to phish thousands of victims. This talk will examine the tools and techniques they used, how they were tracked down, and how the FBI caught and convicted them. Strategies for defending against attacks that exploit people via their smartphone will be explored.

Pre-Requisites: Basic understanding of internet, mobile smartphone, and telephony technology concepts.

Interested? We have you covered! This popular session will also be overflowed in The Session Viewing Point, West Level 2 Room 2004.

Davey Ware

Special Agent, FBI

John LaCour

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PhishLabs

Mobile & IoT Security Hackers & Threats Human Element

social engineering phishing hackers & threats fraud



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