The Rise of the Machines, AI- and ML-Based Attacks Demonstrated

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There is a popular and accurate narrative that AI and ML is more suited to offensive than defensive applications. There are few practical examples of the offensive use of AI and ML, however. This talk will demonstrate two attacks based on topic modelling to accurately map a network and to classify thousands of e-mails. The session will also examine defensive options today and into the future.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn from practical examples of the offensive use of AI and ML.
2: Discover how AI and ML could be used for the most powerful feature based attacks.
3: Understand how AI modifies the threat landscape as we see it.
Etienne Greeff


CTO, Secure Data

Wicus Ross


Senior Security Researcher, Orange Cyberdefense

Hackers & Threats Analytics Intelligence & Response

security architecture PII hackers & threats data loss prevention artificial intelligence & machine learning



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