Purple Team at Scale

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This session will discuss how the company has failed, learned and continues to learn how to scale purple teaming at Walmart—Fortune 1—across five continents, 28 countries, dozens of brands, millions of IP addresses, while not distracting from the primary objective: protecting hundreds of millions of unique customers visiting Walmart stores, clubs and web properties weekly.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how red and blue teams can improve collaboration forming a true purple approach.
2: Understand specifics on how to implement periodic purple teaming campaigns in your organization.
3: Find out how an effective purple team helps make both your red and blue teams more effective.

Attendees who wish to attend this session should already understand how red teams emulate adversaries to test the defenses of an organization, how blue teams defend against attackers and improve the organization’s security posture, and the challenges in working together presented by the different goals of each team.
Jason O'Dell


Director of Incident Response and Hunt, Walmart

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