Attack Vectors in Orbit: The Need for IoT and Satellite Security

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Already a vital part of both the Internet of Things and the critical infrastructure of the Internet, satellites are set to take on a more significant role with the expansion of 5G and IoT. But many satellites with primitive security could become threat vectors for cybercriminals. Hear possible attack scenarios and discuss potential security solutions to this growing threat.

Learning Objectives:
1: Hear specific attack scenarios posed by the minimal security within satellites.
2: Learn how to determine whether your own network is at risk from these connections.
3: Understand which technologies can help to minimize this threat.

Attendees must have a general understanding of how legacy devices have rudimentary security vs. the next generation of IoT. It is also helpful to have a basic understanding of what 5G is and how it will accelerate IoT.

Bill Malik


VP of Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Mobile & IoT Security Hackers & Threats

threat management operational technology (OT Security) Internet of Things critical infrastructure



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