RSAC 2022 Innovation Sandbox Contest Submission Tips   

Contest History 
RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest has promoted new approaches to today's problems and tomorrow's threats for 17 years. With an illustrious panel of judges representing CISOs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs, the top 10 competing companies gain advice and counsel in addition to valuable exposure for their solution. Past winners of this contest have received investment within 12 months of winning the prize and many have gone on to an IPO or buy out.

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Contest Submission Tips 
Ready to be crowned Most Innovative Startup 2022? Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do as you put together your submission. 
  • Tell a story. You started this company because you recognized a problem and believed you had the solution. Be compelling and passionate when telling the story about your company and product to the judges panel so they can feel invested too!
  • Highlight your management team and their past successes. The judges are experts who want to know that your team has grit and knows how to work through the challenges of starting a company.
  • Demonstrate that your business plan is executable. What is your go-to-market strategy? Have you identified the resources necessary to execute it? If not, what are you missing and how can you overcome the obstacles that might inhibit your success?
  • Demo your product. We recommend taking 30-45 seconds to demo your product in the video submission.
  • Have fun. This is a contest after all! Let's enjoy the experience and learn from the process.
  • Share how your approach to solving the problem is novel.
  • Reference past ptiches. Take a look at RSAC 2020 finalists and RSAC 2021 finalists.
  • Worry about the production quality of your video submission. The panel understands the constraints of the startup world and will not be looking for Hollywood production value. Submissions that do not have a 3-minute video will be automatically disqualified.
  • Leave a question blank. All submissions are kept confidential so please answer the questionnaire in its entirety. With the number of submissions generated each year we make first cuts based on the completion of a submission.
  • Wait until the last day to submit. We know things are hectic but give yourself time to provide thoughtful and detailed answers. A well thought out submission can get you one step closer to winning the contest.