NEW! Braindate has arrived at RSA Conference.

For many attendees, networking and peer-to-peer learning are an invaluable part of RSAC. And now with Braindate—one of our new offerings within the RSAC Engagement Zone—it’s easier than ever to find and have meaningful conversations with others who share your interests.

What is a Braindate?

Braindates are meetups focused on topics proposed by RSAC 2020 attendees with a Full Conference Pass that will be in the form of one-on-one or small-group conversations of up to seven people. Braindates enable you to tap into the vast knowledge of you and your peers, allowing you to crowdsource learning experiences from thousands of attendees. At the same time, it offers a more intimate, personalized way to connect with others about subject matters that you feel passionate about. 
Schedule a Braindate

Watch our short video on How to Braindate at RSAC 2020. 

How do I access Braindate? (Opt in required)
If you’d like to access and use Braindate, you are first required to opt in through the RSAC 2020 registration system. This ensures you have provided consent to pass your information from our event registration system to the Braindate app.   
How do I opt in?
As you register for your Full Conference Pass, you will be prompted to opt in to Braindate by selecting yes in the Purchased Profiles section during the registration process.  If you have already registered for a Full Conference Pass for RSAC 2020, you will receive an email with a link to opt in, or you can always update your settings by logging in to our event registration system, navigating to your User Account page and following these few simple steps:
  1. Click on Purchased Profiles, then Edit Purchased Profiles
  2. Select yes to opt in to Braindate
  3. Click to save purchased profiles
  4. Log out and you’re all set!  

How does Braindate work?
  • Browse the topics market to see what topics are available for discussion and find subject matter that’s most relevant to you.
  • Use the topic generator to create topics for 1:1 or small-group conversations.
  • Access to a personal folder to view invitations you have sent or received, and for confirmed braindates.
  • Once you reserve a braindate, it will populate in My Schedule available through the RSA Conference website or the mobile app (the mobile app will be available approximately two weeks prior to RSAC 2020). You can also see if another attendee’s schedule is open at the time you are looking to schedule a braindate.
  • Check in at the Braindate Lounge, located in the RSAC Engagement Zone. Concierges will be on hand to help guide you, answer questions and navigate the Braindate platform.
What topics should I share?

Everyone has valuable insights to share—no matter what your experience or background. To help jump start topic ideas, consider the following questions:

  • What are some of your best practices for problem solving?
  • What do peers come to you for advice about?
  • What challenges have you worked through that others can benefit from?
  • What personal rituals have improved your life and work?
  • What industry trends do you find most fascinating—or worrisome?
Already registered for RSAC 2020?

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