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RSAC 2024: The Must-Attend Event for California Cybersecurity Professionals

Get ready to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of cybersecurity—right in your home state. RSAC 2024 promises an exceptional experience, allowing you to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and network with industry experts and like-minded professionals. Get ready for a cybersecurity journey like no other, all without the need for long-distance travel.

Why Join Us at RSAC 2024?

Expert Insights

Explore hundreds of Track Sessions designed to provide insights into the latest trends, threats, and solutions specific to your role.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

There’s no need to travel the globe; we bring cybersecurity innovation to you. Explore, engage, and stay ahead of the game with over 600 leading vendors in the Expo.

Global Reach

RSAC 2024 connects you to an international community of cybersecurity experts, making it easy to forge connections and gain insights from around the world.

Golden Opportunities Await When You Register Early

Make the most of your RSAC 2024 experience when you register early! Lock in the lowest rates on passes, enjoy priority access to hotel accommodations, and reserve seats in your preferred sessions once the agenda goes live.

Seize the Local Advantage


Depending on your location, you can save on travel expenses, making attendance more budget-friendly and accessible.


Reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with traveling to an unfamiliar location so you can focus more on learning.


If you're active in local organizations or industry groups, RSAC provides a prime opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers who are also attending, strengthening your local network.

Who Will You Meet at RSAC 2024?





Secure Your Spot at RSAC 2024

Be part of what’s next in cybersecurity. Come together with key innovators and experts from the industry to learn best practices and expand your network.