TEHTRIS is a French cybersecurity company that created and deployed the smart and holistic solution called TEHTRIS XDR Platform in more than 50 countries within heterogeneous, international and distributed infrastructures. In 2019, TEHTRIS caught more than 600 billion events and blocked thousands of intrusion attempts, including espionage operations.

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TEHTRIS XDR Platform is unifying defensive detection (D) and response (R) capabilities that work in all environments and situations (X). - TEHTRIS EDR works in real time on workstations and servers to manage unknown threats and perform preventive hunting and defensive analysis operations - TEHTRIS EPP detects and protects operating systems against known threats through advanced antivirus scanning and advanced protection features - TEHTRIS SIEM centralizes all company security events and analyzes the situation using hundreds of security correlations - TEHTRIS Mobile Security protects fleets of Android devices - TEHTRIS Deceptive Zone simulates fake computers and services to detect stealth and suspicious activities (honeypots) in the early phases of an intrusion - TEHTRIS NTA detects intrusions via network flow analysis - TEHTRIS SOC & TEHTRIS MDR & TEHTRIS GRC are services that provide analysis, monitoring, response, management and support capabilities in all situations