See the brightest start-ups in the virtual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

For 16 years, cybersecurity's boldest new innovators have competed in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest to put the spotlight on their potentially game-changing ideas. This year, 10 finalists will again have three-minutes to make their pitch to a panel of judges while demonstrating groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies to the broader RSA Conference community. Hear from panel judge Niloo Howe on what’s trending in cybersecurity innovation. Read the press release and blog post for details about this year's finalists and listen to ISB Judge, Paul Kocher's thoughts on the submission trends compared to previous years.

Since the start of the contest, the top 10 finalists have collectively seen over 50 acquisitions and received $5.2 billion in investments. RSAC Innovation Sandbox will take place on Wednesday, May 19 at 9:20 AM PST. Tune in to find out who will be named the 2021 “Most Innovative Startup.” Open to All Access and Content Pass holders.

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RSAC 2021 Top 10 ISB Contest Finalists

RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest judges that have a conflict of interest with a submitting company will abstain from evaluating the respective company. Participating judges evaluate companies based on the contest’s judging criteria. The judges’ scores are averaged and the finalists are ranked accordingly.



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