CSA Research Summit
Monday, February 7
8:30am – 3:00pm

For over a decade, the Cloud Security Alliance Summit has been a Monday fixture at the RSA Conference, providing a look ahead at the important trends in cloud and cybersecurity for the coming year. We are proud to be back in person with a special event showcasing the research projects that will define cloud security for years to come. 2022 is commencing with cloud finally entrenched as the primary IT system worldwide and cloud security now the foundation of cybersecurity programs. The CSA Research Summit will provide the latest updates in new and existing research projects, providing critical tools and guidance for the cloud adopting community. Among the sessions you will not want to miss are a hype-free view of Zero Trust as a strategy, an effort to initiate the ultimate Cloud Vulnerability Repository, Cloud-Native Key Management, the Six Pillars of DevSecOps and insights into Securing Containers vs Serverless Computing. In addition to cloud fundamentals such as Top Threats, Cloud Controls Matrix and CSA STAR, we will highlight important related research such as the state of Blockchain security, the status of Quantum threats to cryptography and more. Celebrate your return to RSA Conference with the Monday tradition of the CSA Summit – research style.

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DevOps Connect: DevSecOps

Tuesday, February 8
8:30am – 4:30pm

Even through the pandemic securing applications, shifting left and DevSecOps have continued to gain acceptance and continue to mature. The notion of security tools designed for developers and DevOps teams, doesn’t sound quite as unusual as before. In spite of this, supply chain attacks in our CI/CD pipelines once again showed us that we must be ever vigilant and there is more to do. Join us at RSA Conference for our 7th live DevOps Connect: DevSecOps, where we bring the DevOps tribe and Cyber community together for a day of learning, networking and sharing.

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FAIR Institute: The Future of Cybersecurity Risk Measurement

Wednesday, February 9
8:30am – 12:30pm

Join us February 9th from 8:30am to 12:30pm PT for a thought-provoking three-part seminar on quantitative cybersecurity risk measurement — what it is, how to leverage it, and what its future looks like. This seminar will include the latest information on the groundbreaking FAIR Controls Analytics Model (FAIR-CAM), which enables empirical measurement of cybersecurity control efficacy and value.

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IAPP: Engineering Privacy – Embedding Privacy by Design Across the Enterprise

Wednesday, February 9
1:00pm – 5:00pm

Unprecedented amounts of data. New privacy legislation in major countries across the globe. Digital transformation. Data breaches. These factors and more are leading organizations to pursue privacy-by-design strategies that meet legal mandates while promoting a free flow of data that powers digital business models.

Privacy-savvy technology professionals are essential for embedding privacy into solutions that comply with the growing body of data protection regulations. Engineering and technology professionals must understand data privacy principles and practices when designing, building, and maintaining products and systems. Without this privacy-by-design approach, organizations have much higher risks of hefty fines from regulators and angering customers by using their data improperly.

Join the International Association of Privacy Professionals for a half-day seminar examining data privacy laws and their impact on technology professionals, products and operations. The session will start with a panel of top Silicon Valley privacy and technology experts in an interactive discussion on the state of privacy engineering. Next, you will participate in an abbreviated version of the IAPP’s globally recognized Certified Information Privacy Technologist training. As an added bonus, each participant will receive an online, self-paced CIPT training bundle.

Join us to gain the knowledge for building privacy-by-design programs that lower your organization’s risk of penalties while winning your customers’ confidence.

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