When Ransomware Meets IoT

Panelist Ed Skoudis, Faculty Fellow, Penetration Testing Cirriculum Lead for SANS, describes the current landscape of ransomware and crypto ransomware. Using visual aids and humor, Skoudis breaks down the best practices for protecting your organization against new and ever-changing network vulnerabilities. He walks through the specific steps to take when under ransomware attack -- and what decisions to make in advance of any attack including deciding who decides. 

Fellow panelist, Michael Assante, Director of SANS ICS Training Programs, discusses the larger, broader reaching IoT devices: industrial IoT that controls critical national infrastructure. When those facilities are attacked by ransomware and crypto ransomware, hundreds of thousands of people are potentially impacted. Assante raises the question of: What should we automate, and what should we hold back on?

What would you pay to turn your power back on?



Alan Paller Research Director and Founder, SANS Institute


Ed Skoudis Instructor, SANS Institute


Johannes Ullrich Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute


Michael Assante Director of Industrials and Infrastructure, Lead for the ICS Curriculum, SANS Institute

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