Virtual Session: Annual Roundtable with RSA Conference Advisory Board

To say that information security is an ever-evolving industry is a bit like saying the earth is round. It’s pretty standard knowledge—flat earth holdouts aside—and so it goes for fast-moving cybersecurity. But how exactly is the industry changing, and what are some of the key trends to keep an eye on?

Figuring all of this out is the RSA Conference Advisory Board’s main objective. No small task, but its cybersecurity luminaries are more than up to the challenge. And for this year’s annual roundtable, they’re inviting you to join the conversation. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Blockchain’s role in security
  • GDPR—the one-month countdown
  • What can we learn from the election hacking?
  • Predicting the areas of focus for RSA Conference 2019

 So don’t miss this virtual session—and the chance to be part of an enlightening discussion.



Benjamin Jun CEO, HVF Labs


Dmitri Alperovitch Co-Founder & CTO, CrowdStrike


Dr. Hugh Thompson RSA Conference Program Chair, RSA Conference


Todd Inskeep Principal, Cyber Security Strategy, Booz Allen Hamilton


Wade Baker Partner, Cyentia Institute


Wendy Nather Head, Advisory CISOs, Duo Security (now Cisco)

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